Aqua Flosser - Professional Rechargeable Oral irrigator with 4 tips and 4 dental tools - Water Flosser w/ 3 Modes - Portable & Cordless - Ideal for Kids and Braces - Dentist Recommended - FDA Approved
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • DENTIST RECOMMENDED - Aqua Flosser has been clinically proven to be up to 5x more effective than traditional flossing while also being gentler on gums and teeth
  • A powerful and rechargeable lithium ion battery produces directed water jets to dislodge food and plaque
  • It also includes 3 convenient usage modes and 4 jet tips instead of just the standard 2.
  • BEYOND BRUSHING & FLOSSING - Each Aqua Flosser unit includes a professional grade stainless steel tool kit that is a must have for those with or without braces
  • Tartar, calculus and plaque build up even with the best oral hygiene routines
  • The dental tool kit is a perfect companion to Aqua Flosser to

    remove more stubborn dental impurities that can cause cavities and prevent expensive trips to the dentist.
  • CUTS FLOSSING TIME IN HALF - We guarantee a more thorough clean in less than half of the time compared to traditional string flossing.
  • CONVENIENT - Aqua Flosser includes a lightweight full waterproof design and rechargeable lithium ion battery for years of continuous use
  • Aqua Flosser fully charges over night and will last for weeks of continuous use
  • It is also dual voltage rated at 110V & 220V
  • SUPERIOR FOR BRACES - Aqua Flosser is ideal for those with braces or other dental devices as its 360 degree rotary tips can reach places that

    traditional floss cant
  • The result is a superior and more thorough clean in half the time
  • The bonus 4 piece dental kit is especially important for those with braces to remove buildup around brackets and wires
  • Be sure to use the included dental kit for more stubborn food and stains that get stuck in braces.
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