Bath Bomb Gift Set 3 EXTRA LARGE Bath Fizzies with Silk Soap from Bei Momenti -Soothing Moisturizing Lush Spa Baths Nourish Soften and Restore Skin with Shea Butter Natural Extracts Plants & Grasses
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • DIVINE BATH EXPERIENCE: Treat yourself to the Bei Momenti bath experience! Drop the bomb in your bath for the fizzy effect and enjoy a fragrant and soothing bath! The LARGE (120 gram) bath bombs will explode in a fizzy bath filled with colors and scents
  • Its the most relaxing experience after a long day
  • You deserve it!
  • FREE LUXURY SOAPS: Along with three lovely bath bombs, we offer you a bonus, free Bei Momenti Silk Soap
  • Buy our Bath Bomb 3 Pack, and enjoy the Bei Momenti quality Silk Soap just for you! Add the free Silk Soap to your bath and enjoy the Bei Momenti Bubble Bath Experience!
  • SENSUAL SCENTS: Awaken your senses with each of the three

    lush Bei Momenti Bath Bomb scents! From lavender and lemon grass to orange scent, you wont be able to choose the fizzy bomb for your next bath or bubble bath! Smell clean and feel wonderful for hours!
  • SOFTER SKIN, RELAXED MUSCLES: A fizzy bath or bubble bath will sooth your skin, relieve allergies and itches, and alleviate sunburns
  • Its a rejuvenating experience that will also open your skins pores, improve blood flow and relieve muscle tension! Drop a fizzy bath bomb and say goodbye to dry skin and sore muscles!
  • AMAZING GIFT IDEA: Stop looking for other bath gift sets! The Bei Momenti bath bomb set is a cute and beautiful gift for everyone, from

    women friends to relatives
  • Even kids will love it!
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