Showliss Blue Light Hair Removal Shaving Epilator No Pain With No Side Effects Personal Care Professional Hair Remover Device For Arm, Underarm, Bikini Line & Legs (Gold)
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • Advanced Thermal Move technology,no pain.Not like a razor to reach instant removal,this hair removal with the help of heat can shrink the pore down by time.It may take little longer time to get a long term removal.Any one who want instant removal would not be recommended to buy this device.
  • Using this hair removal will accompanied a smell of burning hair because the thermal blade carbonize the hair to remove it .Anyone who can not bear some smell would not be recommended to buy this device.
  • No side effects,no drugs,no chemicals.This hair removal looks like a razor,but it doesnt do any actual cutting.The heating wire within the thermal blade transmits

    heat to the roots of hair follicles wherever thr device is placed,which will greatly effect and decrease keratin in hair thus slow down and refrain hair growth.
  • Equipped with two heated line blades (a wide blade,a narrow blade).Different parts have different requirements,Hands, legs, back and other large parts of the skin requiring a wide blade;the face, neck, armpits and other sensitive parts of the skin requires a narrow blade.Two buttons to adjust treatment levels,with LCD display screen.
  • How to use: It may take 2--3 month to completely remove your hair
  • In the first 4 weeks,use 4 times each week;In the next 4 weeks,use 3 times each week and you

    will find hair decrease significantly and less hair back;In the last serveral weeks, there may be just very thinner hair back or even no hair.
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