Simply Naz Stainless Steel Dental Tools Kit with Inspection Mirror, Sickle Scaler, Plaque Scraper, Pick and Tartar
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • YOUR FIRST STEP TO A RADIANT SMILE - Youll wonder how you ever got along without it
  • Make an investment in your oral health TODAY!
  • DENTAL HYGIENE DOESNT HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE - The best smile just became affordable! Cleaning youre your teeth is made easy with your very own orthodontic dentists supplies.
  • DENTAL HYGIENE DELIVERED TO YOUR DOORSTEP - Take charge of your oral health with your very own set of dentistry accessories for a cleaner and fresher mouth
  • A conveniently portable carrying case makes this kit the perfect traveling companion!
  • DESIGNED FOR A LIFETIME OF DAILY USE - Meticulously crafted with stainless steel, these structurally solid

    periodontal products will remove tartar and plaque for years to come.
  • YOU DONT HAVE TO BE A PROFESSIONAL EXPERT - These tools are perfect for anyone without previous dental care experience
  • Great for kids (NOTE: only an adult should handle the instruments), and even your pets! This pet friendly kit is perfect for cats and dogs.
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