Soothing Wellness Essentials 10 PACK Essential Oils Opener Key Tool Set (MULTI-COLORED) - The Perfect Opener and Remover Accessory for Roller Balls and Caps on Most Bottles
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • BEST VALUE - Get 10 for the price of 1 or 2 elsewhere! Share with friends and family or store them where needed
  • No more having to use your hands, nails or even worse scissors or a knife for your Essential Oils Needs!
  • EASY TO USE - Our universal keys work with all essential oil bottles including: 1ml / 2ml sample vials - 3ml / 5ml / 10ml / 15ml / 30ml essential oil standard caps and 3ml / 5ml / 10ml roller balls
  • Also perfect for replacing your roller bottle and orifice caps without damage.
  • GOREGOUS PRESENTATION - Comes in a retail box with easy to use instructions and the openers are professionally individually packaged as well! Openers come

    assorted in attractive neon colors Canary Yellow, Fuchsia Pink, Orchid Purple, Caribbean Blue & Basil Green for your enjoyment (bright colors so that you do not lose them :)
  • THE PEFECT SIZE - At almost the size of a credit card easily store them in your purse or wallet so that they are ready to use when you need them
  • Our professional openers are very easy to use as other openers can be as small as a quarter so they are very difficult to hold and use.
  • THE BEST MATERIALS - Made from the strongest most durable plastic manufactured to last yet you will not scratch or damage your Essential Oils Bottles like metal versions can.
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